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Currently a lot of the people I care about are really sad and I just want to bring them all together for some tea and hugs. Sigh.


Untitled (1982), Jean-Michel Basquiat

I know, getting into UCL is pretty shit…

'there are some people who i just really hope fail miserably at everything they attempt in life' that one — Anonymous

Oh. To be honest, I don’t know if I find it hilarious or pathetic? Whatever, she can have her legitimate reasons for disliking me, it’s blatantly obvious I’m not going to fail at everything I attempt. Now excuse me whilst I roll my eyes for the next year because someone who’s meant to be a grownup is still trying to be petty and vindictive.

Do you care about that nasty indirect Liv made about you because it seemed real nasty — Anonymous

Which one…?


you kids these days with your cigaphors and metarettes

Jean Patchett, photographed by Milton Greene, New York City, 1953 (via)


"The Sisters", Vogue Italia, July 1990
Photographer : Ellen von Unwerth
Models : Christy Turlington & Linda Evangelista